Please read this page carefully. Customization possibilities are endless and our throws and products are priced to be accessible to everyone. We strongly suggest that you contact us for a quote fit to your exact needs. We hope the information offered here will help you plan ahead. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Pro Tip: Most people get us their orders with at least a three-month lead time. For single-sided throws, the moment your krewe theme is announced, it’s time to start ordering throws.

Our prices are very competitive! Single-sided laser engraved doubloons start as low as .22 each. For more exact pricing please contact us. Pricing is based on your needs, artwork, material and time available to complete your order.

Pro Tip: The earlier you get your order to us, the bigger your price break. Please don’t wait until January 6th to place your orders for Carnival season. At that point, we consider it a “rush order” and prices go up accordingly.

Individual Revelers: Want a few dozen throws to hand out in a walking parade? Small orders (under 100 items) can typically be handled with a short lead time. Like everything else, the more time you allow for the order to be completed the lower the cost.

Small Groups (orders under 500 pieces): It takes approximately two weeks to complete an order once the artwork and setup is complete. Please allow extra time to ensure that you are happy with your throws. Giving us enough lead time to complete your order is incredibly important. Please get us your large orders at least two months prior to your roll. A one-week-turn-around is just not possible on large orders (over 1000 items). In exchange for you keeping your money in the local economy, please understand that we don’t run a sweatshop and we aren’t Amazon.

Float Captains: Please get us your high-volume (5000+ items) orders at least six months prior to your roll.

Pro Tip: No theme [yet]? No problem! If you’re sure that you want double-sided doubloons/medallions and a theme hasn’t been announced, we can at the very least get the back side (your krewe logo) printed far in advance.

The bottom line: Some people order one item. Some people order thousands of items. We appreciate every order, and we want to give you the best possible service coupled with high-quality throws that parade-goers will keep for decades. With so many variables, timing is everything. Sometimes last-minute orders are entirely possible. Talk to us – communication is key.

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